Saturday, July 15, 2006

Chocolate Truffles to Die For

Deadwood truffles to die for

Rapid City Journal - Her mission, she says, is to make a chocolate so good people will sway and sigh at first bite.

Chocolate can be made delightful in so many different ways.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Endangered Species Chocolate Company

Chocolate with a conscience

How about buying your chocolate from a company that supports not only the small foreign farms but also endangered species as well.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cardiovascular Health

How is your heart doing? - Burnaby Newsleader

Yep, the consumption of Chocolate can help with your heart health, just read the article below.

How is your heart doing?
Burnaby Newsleader,  Canada - 8 hours ago
... foods into your diet can dramatically improve your cardiovascular health too. ... Eat chocolate guilt-free - Yes, it's true, this guilty pleasure can actually work ...

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I Knew It

What's happening in health

Saskatoon Star Phoenix - Chocolate lovers smarter than most? A Wheeling Jesuit University professor reports milk chocolate can improve your brain activity. Bryan Raudenbush assessed various chocolate types on cognitive performance, mood, and task workload. After digesting ...

Now I can also explain away all those white Chocolate mochas I've been buying at Starbucks!

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Chocolate Bars

Strawberry Filled White Chocolate Bars

Ok, who's ready for some chocolate bars?.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lucy at the Chocolate Factory

Ok, so they compare the kids in this story at first to the Willy Wonka movie, but I think of it more as a modern day Lucy, where her and Ethyl go to work in the candy factory.

Lights, camera ... snacktion! TV show takes over chocolate plant

Salem News - SALEM - If production fell off yesterday at candymaker Harbor Sweets, there was a good reason. The shop was turned into a television studio. The new national children's public television show "Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman" filmed a segment inside the ...

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Chocolate Baker does scrumptious delights

Local baker featured on national magazine cover - Jewish Review

This article goes to show you that even if you are a local talent in the kitchen you can still get national recognition.

Local baker featured on national magazine cover
Jewish Review, OR - Jun 8, 2006
... Hasson since has worked from her home kitchen developing recipes for "125 Best Chocolate Recipes" ($18.95, 2004), "125 Best Cupcake Recipes" ($18.95, 2005) and ...

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Thursday, February 02, 2006


By learning to focus better, you'll find that you get so much more done that you thought was impossible.

My wife goes to nursing school full time right now, and I have 4 at home that I home-school, 1 boy 6 years old, 3 girls at 7, 8, and 9 years old. We also have a 10 year old daughter in a private school.

In order to get any work done, I block our time in 30 minute to hour increments, for example, one hour helping them with math, one hour reading, one hour free time for them while i work on article writing, 30 minutes to do a blog posting, 1 hour for research, 30 minutes for a family workout, etc.

It sounds complicated, but really isn't once you commit to it.

The main problem I had when I started working full time online was FOCUS, and I still sometimes waste time surfing instead of working, or reading about all the great new Internet Products I could buy when I should spend time writing content instead.

Once we started homeschooling last year, I had to really get dedicated to maintaing a proper focus and still work daily at trying to keep the right mindset to balance family and work obligations without feeling like I have neglected either.

I developed an acronym that helps me out, hopefully it can help others:

F - Find a place to work with minimal distractions
O - Organize (my desk was a mess, but now I can find stuff quickly)
C - Concentrate on only one project at a time
U - Use tools you have (Go through those folders of PDF's and software)
S - Set a goal and stay on target to reach it.

P.S. Chocolate has been shown to help with proper focus, by the way.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Chocolate as a Medicine?

I'm sick! Quick, get me the Chocolate Doctor....

The medicinal use of cacao, or chocolate, both as a remedy and as a medium to deliver other medicines, originated in the New World and diffused to Europe in the mid 1500s. These practices originated among the Olmec, Maya and Mexica (Aztec).

The word cacao is derived from Olmec and the subsequent Mayan languages (kakaw); the chocolate-related term cacahuatl is Nahuatl (Aztec language), derived from Olmec/Mayan etymology.

Early colonial era documents included instructions for the medicinal use of cacao. The Badianus Codex (1552) noted the use of cacao flowers to treat fatigue, whereas the Florentine Codex (1590) offered a prescription of cacao beans, maize and the herb tlacoxochitl (Calliandra anomala) to alleviate fever and panting of breath and to treat the faint of heart. Subsequent 16th to early 20th century manuscripts produced in Europe and New Spain revealed over 100 medicinal uses for cacao/chocolate.

Three consistent roles can be identified: 1) to treat emaciated patients to gain weight(no fat jokes now); 2) to stimulate nervous systems of apathetic, exhausted or feeble patients; and 3) to improve digestion and elimination where cacao/chocolate countered the effects of stagnant or weak stomachs, stimulated kidneys and improved bowel function. Additional medical complaints treated with chocolate/cacao have included anemia, poor appetite, mental fatigue, poor breast milk production, consumption/tuberculosis, fever, gout, kidney stones, reduced longevity and poor sexual appetite/low virility(Chocolate was the original Viagra, the little brown pill if you will).

Chocolate paste was a medium used to administer drugs and to counter the taste of bitter pharmacological additives. In addition to cacao beans, preparations of cacao bark, oil (cacao butter), leaves and flowers have been used to treat burns, bowel dysfunction, cuts and skin irritations.

Amazing what something like Chocolate can do, isn't it?

Tracy Robinson
The Chocolate Doctor